How tax resolution can generate leads for other services

The real beauty of tax resolution is that it’s a lead generator for your other financial services. Your tax resolution clients are in trouble because they don’t keep up with some important financial factors in their lives or businesses. The following are some of the services they may need help with:

  • Tax prep:  Helping with the required tax forms for amended returns and missing returns for current year and previous years.
  • Payroll taxes:  While completing payroll it’s important for your business clients to figure out the amount of money that has to be set aside as payroll taxes towards FICA and this needs professional help on which you can capitalize.
  • Bookkeeping: It can be offered as an additional service as most tax resolution clients books are either non-existent or a mess.
  • Wealth management: Investment advisory and holistic investment planning considering various factors like tax implications, investment goals etc.
  • Business valuation: Liquidation value of the business may be required for tax resolution purposes.   
  • Write up work.
  • Account monitoring: Occasionally pulling updated transcripts to check for IA payments, pyramiding, FTDs (Federal Tax Deposits) and Return filing.

Therefore, offering these different services can enhance your business and maximize the lifetime customer value of your clients. In terms of marketing this is known as ‘Cross-Selling’.  Not only is it considered as a good business practice, but also helps in effective planning of your finances.