Tax Resolution Software

irsLogics offers complete software solutions for tax resolution professionals.

We created irsLogics exclusively for attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and tax resolution firms. With your needs in mind, we created an unparalleled web-based platform that makes it easier for you to manage your clients and tasks.

Beginning with the interview guide, you can be rest assured that your sales representatives will gather all the information necessary to qualify your leads. The questions in the interview guide will also provide your representatives with a clear understanding of your clients’ financial status as the IRS will see it, allowing you to identify which resolution program will work best. If your client is eligible for an Offer-in-Compromise, irsLogics will show you what the minimum offer amount is, as well as how much your client stands to save. In addition, all IRS instructions and publications are just a click away.

Auto Populated forms

irsLogics will generate and populate all necessary forms for you. You can easily print, email or fax these forms to your clients. All forms are auto-filled and generated from the information gathered during the interview, so many forms will already be completed by the time the client is ready to sign up! You will save a significant amount of time on your 433’s, 2848’s, and payment agreements once your clients’ information is automatically populated.

Automatic Updates

We keep up with the constant changes to IRS rules and regulations so you don’t have to. As a web-based software advantage, we offer up-to-date changes to forms and procedures as they are updated by the IRS. In addition, for your quick reference, all IRS publications are just a click away. Our tax resolution software includes IRS forms such as 433-A, 433-A (OIC), 433-B, 433-B (OIC), 433-D, 433-F, 2848, 656, 656-A, 656-L, 8821, 8857, 13711, 8379, 12509, 12153, 9423, 9465, 911, 843, 4180, 4506, 4506-T, 12507 and more for your convenience.

Custom Created Contracts

irsLogics generates custom-created contracts with your company logo and information, giving you full ownership of the documents. This frees up your time from tedious paperwork, and allows you to spend more time focusing on your clients. These custom forms include client engagement letters, payment authorization forms, late payment letters, and any other forms you need on a regular basis. irsLogics helps you handle your offer in compromise, innocent spouse, installment agreements, wage garnishment, penalty abbetment cases with ease.

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Sales And CRM

Your sales team will be happy with irsLogics!

Organize Your Leads

irsLogics allows you to capture leads directly from different sources. You can filter your leads based on a wide variety of factors, including lead source, debt amount, assignments, and location. You will also have full control over who in your organization gets notified or assigned to the lead in real time.

Task Management at your fingertips!

irsLogics provides a Task Management tool that is unmatched by our competitors. You are able to set up tasks and reminders with staff and clients at the click of a button. Phone calls, follow ups, and setting appointments have never been easier.Our Task Management tool ensures that all tasks within your organization can be monitored and updated. In addition, all actions are time-stamped and archived guaranteeing you accurate and detailed case histories. Any and all activities can be monitored and reported on, allowing you to track the performance of any employee at an any time.

Never miss another IRS or State deadline again!

irsLogics understands the importance of effectively managing cases with important deadlines. Our software will allow you to identify any cases with deadlines or holds, and when those dates are up. This will prevent those deadlines from expiring, and protect your clients from the associated consequences.

Know your clients by heart

Give your customers quality service by staying on top of your conversations. All interactions are saved and archived for easy and convenient viewing. You can add notes from calls, conversations, and meetings that are readily available to anyone answering your phones. This will allow your sales and customer service staff to brief themselves on a case as your clients call in.

Your documents are safe with us!

We protect your data (your clients’ sensitive private information) from falling into the wrong hands. All information is protected using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that your data is safe, secure, and available only to the registered users in your organization.

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Billing And Invoicing

Eliminate headaches common to other billing software!

With the irsLogics billing and invoicing tool you gain the convenience of processing payments rapidly and accurately. You will have access to your clients complete payment history, as well as a history of all changes made to the invoices. This will allow you to identify who added or removed invoice items and payments, and why.

Once your payment process is integrated into our system you will be able to see payments run in real-time. You can also set up single or recurring payments for your clients through our automatic scheduler, which will eliminate user error and help you collect more money.

irsLogics comes with a powerful reporting system that will allow you to monitor all necessary accounts receivable data. You can also sort your accounts receivable based on payment type, invoice items, lead source, or wide variety of other options.

Account Receivable: Need to be on top of payments? This report allows you to view your office finances based on payment plans, payment types, and client status.

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Gain insight into your business activities

irsLogics has built-in reporting tools that allow you to manage your team and deal with workload peaks and valleys.

Our pre-built reporting features give you great insight into all your activities. Managers are able to run reports for both individuals and teams in order to gain insight into business operations. You gain the convenience of centralized control when comparing and tracking sales and back-office performance.

Our Dashboard provides graphical analytics and sale statistics. It provides each member of your team with a comprehensive view of their performance on one screen. The Dashboard also gives an up-to-date glance of all current cases including total leads, sold leads, gross sales, and closing data. In addition, you can see a real-time ranking of your sales staff to keep competition high!

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Maximize Your Time Through Integration!

A host of tools you are already using can be integrated to irsLogics, making the work flow faster.

Use MS Outlook calendar for reminders, appointments, and deadlines.

Use the integrated fax system to easily fax out documents and receive electronic confirmation.

Allow online merchant account processing systems for easy and convenient payments.

Bridge the call center and phone systems for immediate customer reach and call handlings.

Turn forms into official documents with digital/electronic signature tools.

Publish knowledge base articles and news with marketing and email broadcasting systems.

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Multiple Office

irsLogics Suits All Business Types!

A host of tools you are already using can be integrated to irsLogics, making the work flow faster.

irsLogics Suits All Business Types!

The Affiliate Model allows your to add and organize your company into multiple offices and teams. This will allow you to seamlessly add outside sales teams and staff to your company. All reports can and data can be filtered to identify which offices and teams are generating or costing you money.

With irsLogics, you can easily stay connected with your office and clients regardless of your location. irsLogics has established a successful business affiliate model currently being used by many. For more information, contact one of our sales representatives.

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Accessible From Anywhere

irsLogics Is A Cloud-Based Software

With irsLogics, there is no hardware or software to install. Our 100% cloud-based infrastructure allows you to be up and running with the program from the moment you sign up! This also means that irsLogics can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Don’t worry though, you will have full access over which computers your employees can log in from at any time.

No IT Department Needed.

With irsLogics, you can eliminate software issues, server issues, and installation problems. irsLogics is fully compatible with today’s top major browsers: MS Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

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Special Features 

Lead Management

Directly capture leads from various sources and assign within your own organization. Using the Lead Assignment Functionality, you can customize the features to determine who has access, viewing and editing capabilities based on the User Security Profiles.


This intelligent feature walks the client through a detailed series of questions that provides a clear overview of the client’s financial status as well as eligibility for Offer-In-Compromise. This report provides means of fluctuation for optimum settlement with IRS.

Task Management

Manage daily workload effectively to ensure tasks are completed on schedule. This feature can be used to set up tasks and reminders for you and your staff, and it also allows you to monitor your employees’ activities.

Forms & Auto-fill

Filling out paperwork in this industry can be tiresome and costly. irsLogics will save you time and money by filling out the necessary forms for you. You can also create your own custom documents that can be automatically populated with your clients’ information. All forms can be easily printed, e-mailed, and faxed to your clients.

Invoicing and Billing

irsLogics provides a complete and secure billing solution for your company. You can integrate your payment processor with our system to set up invoices, payment schedules, and contracts to automatically run payments through our system. You will be able to see a complete payment history for each client, and you can identify which payments were declined, and which payments cleared.

Reporting   and Dashboard

Maximize your ROI by tracking the performance of your sales and marketing strategies. Analyze key business metrics, revenue trends, advertising campaigns, and sales statistics to help you understand where you need to improve your efforts. Our dashboard can be used to see a large quantity of sales data on just one screen.

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