Customer Retention: The Key To Success For A Tax professional.

Customer retention is critical to any company’s success. Most tax professionals will agree that 80% of business comes from 20% of the customers, which illustrates the importance of keeping your clients happy.  Happy clients generate revenue by: - Saving the money you invest for attaining new customer. - A satisfied and loyal customer will grow your business through referrals. - A satisfied customer is more likely to pay for additional services. - Less investment and more business leads to increased profit. Here are some ways to help you retain customers: Let them know that you care: . Good customer service can significantly impact a client’s opinion of your company.  Replying promptly to emails and phone calls, delivering work on time or earlier, and taking the time to answer questions shows your clients that you are on top of things, and that you genuinely care about their well-being. On the other hand, poor customer service and communication will increase tension between you and your clients.. Stay in touch with your client: Being in regular contact with your clients during the tax resolution process serves multiple functions. First, it allows you to update your clients with any important updates on their cases. Second, regularly updating your clients will allow you to keep them up to date on the documents you need them to sign or deliver to you.  Finally, staying in regular contact with your clients allows you to keep updating them on new services that are available to them, be it tax preparation or other accounting services.. Reward your customers for coming back to you: Introduce some discounts or offers for repeat purchases. Keep Innovating: Innovation does not always mean introducing new products or services. It also includes improving your business model and ways to enhance customer experience. Slight changes in business processes can yield significant results. Every positive experience strengthens customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of referrals.