Cloud Computing : A Must Have For Tax Professionals.

Like any service based company tax professionals are highly dependent on technology. Many tax professionals and CPA’s use CRM software to improve their business results, but the question is how can this technology become more and more beneficial? Without any doubt the answer is bringing cloud computing to the picture. Cloud computing is "a type of Internet-based computing," where different services like software applications and platforms are delivered to an organization's computers and other devices through the Internet unlike regular software applications, which are distributed and deployed on-premise . In a cloud-based software users don’t need to install and run the software on their computers. It will be delivered to their devices anywhere and anytime through a secured portal. Tax professionals or accountants who have used cloud technology acknowledge its benefits. They were able to expand their business from just book keepers and seasonal tax preparers to full fledged tax resolution professionals and strategic partners of their clients. This is how cloud computing can fuel your business and ease your way to success: Saves money: -Cloud computing reduces and in some cases completely eliminates the need of company’s own IT infrastructure, which further reduces related operational costs like power, air conditioning, and administration. -It allows users to pay as per their usage. -No installation and setup cost. --These services are managed by service providers only so it reduces the maintenance cost. Saves time: -There is no need to install any software, so applications can be implemented very easily in less time, with minimal administration efforts. -It makes adding new locations and new users very quick and easy. -Most cloud providers are extremely reliable in providing their services, with many maintaining 99.99% uptime. The connection is always on when user is on internet. It saves time required for maintaining otherwise a local system. Updates automatically: Latest version of softwares can be updated at no cost and without users’ involvement. Provides Flexibility: -It allows you to work from anywhere. -New users or locations can be added or removed easily as per requirement. -You can extend data access to your client, allowing them to view their business progress any time. Ensures Security: -Cloud technology provides great security and recovery plans in case of disaster or emergency. Cloud service provider takes multiple and continuous data backups for such situations. All the above benefits gives tax professionals a strategic edge over competitors as it allows them to outsource technology and instead focus on their key business activities and objectives. Although there is no shortcut to success, using cloud computing certainly boosts your business and helps you achieve your goals.