4 Proven Ways To Increase Flow Of Leads in Tax Business.

Tax resolution is a competitive business. If you are starting one or planning to grow your existing tax business you have to involve very actively to ensure a continuous flow of lead. Here are some tactics to keep getting high-quality leads:   1: Referral programs: Referrals are one of the easiest and pocket-friendly way to increase client base. Be it a big tax firm or a startup, a good referral system can attract clients like anything. New practitioners can always start with their own references, family, friends and ask them for more references. You can even start incentivized referral campaigns once you have established your business. Incentivised referral campaigns are a proven success for lead generation.   2: Invest in Channel Partners: Your channel partners can be local businesses who don’t do the same job as yours but are somewhat in a related business, for example, other financial services, loan providers etc. They are the ones who can provide you good quality qualified leads. You can even do co-marketing and help each other getting business. You can provide incentives to your channel partners for their good performance to encourage them to keep working for you.   3: Offer free consultation: Offering free consultation helps increasing number of prospects with high chance of converting into your customers. Free services attract a good number of people and with your professional approach and best in class services you can impress them, gain their trust and convert them into your customers.   4: Online marketing: Online marketing is a great way of increasing your reach. It can be done through websites, social media platforms, and paid aids. Here is how online marketing can benefit your tax business.

  • Through website: A website is the best platform to showcase your product. It is quite pocket-friendly and serves many purposes. You can optimize your website to make it more searchable in organic search. You can use adword campaigns and backlinks to your website to increase traffic. You can also add a call to action buttons to make your website interactive and encourage your website visitors to take some actions like subscribing, emailing or even purchasing.
  • Social media is another common platform to display your products. Its biggest benefit is, it is free of cost. Although you may have to pay some amount if you go further for paid promotion. A well maintained social media page will raise awareness about your business. You just have to showcase your services and offering clearly, inform your prospects, clients, relatives, and friends about the page and invite them to follow you on same. You can also participate in group conversations and post regularly to show your presence.

You should have all links to your social media pages on your website and vice versa. You can run various paid campaigns and contests online aiming to generate leads.