IRS Scam Phone Calls Increase Prior To Tax Deadline

There is a scam going around for the public to beware of, with the scammers calling individuals and claiming to work for the government. This IRS scam has cost victims $15 million or more, reports CNN. The reason the calls have conned so many folks out of money is because of some of the high-tech tools the scammers are using to sound legitimate when they call. Those techniques include “spoofing” the caller ID number displayed to make it appears as if the calls are coming from the IRS, or even mimicking the background noises heard in call centers to fake as though the caller is in a room with a bunch of other IRS agents talking to others on their own phone calls. The IRS scammers may use phone numbers that appear to originate from Washington, D.C., and even have information about your financial history. The scam phone calls became so prevalent that the IRS issued a report about how to spot them and what to do if you’ve received one. Read More