IRS Expects to Improve Taxpayer Service This Season

The Internal Revenue Service is getting set for the opening of the 2016 individual income tax-filing season on January 19, promising improved taxpayer service and security, and a functioning Practitioner Priority Line, thanks to a funding boost from Congress.

“The increase in our budget is an important development for the IRS and for taxpayers, and is the first time in six years that we received any significant additional funding,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen during a conference call with reporters Thursday. “While this is very good news for the IRS and its employees, it’s important to put this funding in perspective. The $290 million will help us address three areas of high priority for us: taxpayer service, identity theft and cybersecurity.”

Although the extra funding is still below the IRS’s budget request of $700 million, and the IRS remains funded at a level that remains $900 million below where it was six years ago, Koskinen said the additional funding would allow the agency to improve service to taxpayers.

“We will be able to hire up to 1,000 additional customer service representatives to answer our toll-free help lines this filing season,” he said. Read More