AICPA Appeals Decision to Preserve IRS Program for Tax Preparers

The American Institute of CPAs is appealing a court decision that upheld the Internal Revenue Service’s voluntary program for tax preparer education and testing. The IRS introduced the Annual Filing Season Program in 2014 after the federal courts invalidated a mandatory program it had instituted requiring all tax preparers to be tested and undergo continuing education. The AICPA filed suit to challenge the voluntary program, but the lawsuit was dismissed later that year by the same federal judge, James Boasberg, who had invalidated the IRS’s earlier Registered Tax Return Preparer program in 2013 in the case of Loving v. IRS. He said the AICPA lacked standing to challenge the newer program (see Judge Dismisses AICPA Lawsuit against the IRS). Earlier this month, Boasberg again ruled against the AICPA. Read More